The hostel is situated in the quiet surroundings of Nové Dvory in the vicinity of Kutná Hora and Chotusice. Kutná Hora is one of the most visited tourist towns in the Czech Republic and is known mainly due to being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a silver mining town in the past. The most famous monuments are St. Barbara's Church, the Cathedral of Our Lady, the Sedlec Ossuary and the Stone House.

The hostel is located about 3km from Chotusice – the site of the traditional Veteran Bazar & Museum. The Kačina palace in Svatý Mikuláš, where the National Museum of Agriculture Kačina is also located, is only 2 km away. It is also the site of many festivals and events. The hostel is located near the intersections of roads 1/2, 1/38 and 2 / 327. The Kutná Hora train station (main station) is located approximately 3 km away. From Nové Dvory, it is possible to take a direct train to Kutná Hora and Kolín. For more information, see the map.


The hostel offers accommodation in 2 or 4 bedded rooms with shared facilities and with the possibility of extra beds. All the rooms are equipped with a fridge/freezer. A washing machine is also available. The maximum capacity is 66 beds.

The hostel is fully covered by WiFi connectivity for wireless internet. Beside the hostel you can use a small asphalt playground or a campfire with seating. There is a common room with a color TV and satellite receiver. Parking is free in front of the building.